Before & After

Julia's Complete Restoration

What is in a smile? We use it to establish relationships, lift a person’s spirit, or connect with someone across a room. There is nothing like seeing a baby smile or a goofy grin on your child’s 3rd grade class photo. How one’s smile affects their daily lives is something we witness routinely. Whitening can brighten a smile and give that person more confidents in their appearance. Conversely a damaged smile can take away a person’s self-confidence just as easily. A damaged smile can be changed with careful artistic touches of dentistry and this can be a life changing.


Julia began her journey of changing her hidden smile in late 2010. Her story begins at childhood, but it does not end there. The steps involved in giving Julia back her smile is clinical in nature, but to read it in her words is spiritual. You would not know by looking at her today, this striking lady once hide her smile. A simple gesture of smiling conjured up a lifetime of emotions. Today you can’t help but look at Julia’s smile, it is bright and beautiful.


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Complete Restoration Before & After:

Pre-Op     Post Op